The Law Offices of Spencer C. Gibbs

Our Specialities

NY & FL State Real Estate Brokerage

Buyer & seller dealings

  • We are licensed to broker property in NY & FL
  • Residential or Commercial Property
  • From beginning to end

Real Estate Representation

Power of Attorney

  • We provide property asset management
  • Sale of property

Landlord and Tenant

We litigate civil matters disputed between landlords and tenats.

  • Tenant protection from illegal removal
  • Removal of non-compliant tenants
  • Tenant neglect
  • Tenant contract litigation

Legal Advice and Consultation

Come discuss any legal matter with us.

Our clients are more than just a case.

Schedule an appointment with us. We are in the heart of Harlem, NY.

About Us

Our Philosphy.

We treat every case with the same high level of respect and professionalism no matter how minor or major.

  • I really needed help with my case and Attorney Gibbs helped me every step of the way...
  • Finding the right attorney was tough until I found this law firm. The rates were really fair and they even won my case....
  • No one else cared about my case, but they did...